Coffin Options

Built-in cooler and mini bar

32" HD flat-screen TV

Bluetooth ready to play anything from your mobile device

Apple TV Streaming (watch all your favorite shows or sporting events)

Whether you want to be the talk of the tailgate event or simply have the most unique back yard entertainment system, our party coffins are sure to be a unique experience for your guests and fellow sports fans. Additional accessories also available including a generator to keep your party mobile, as well as a custom trailer to transport your Party Coffin and various stand options for your Party Coffin. Party Coffins are also available for rent, call us to discuss options for bringing a Party Coffin to your next event.


These high quality coffins are custom designed to provide superior viewing with our built in 32in flat screen TV in the lid of the coffin. With the bluetooth functionality, your iPod, iPhone or any bluetooth device will quickly and easily connect for all your guests to enjoy.

Ready to watch your favorite ball game while tailgating or a movie for a social event? With Apple TV Streaming, your Party Coffin can play all your favorite shows and sporting events right on your Party Coffin TV!

With a built in cooler with the capacity to hold over 6 cases of your favorite beverage, your Party Coffin will be the one stop for all your event entertainment.

With a Mini Bar mounted in the lid to display all your favorite beverages!

Electrical Package provides input for generator source, 4 GFI coffin mounted outlets and 2 USB ports.


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